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Surgical Procedures at Marina
Marina Animal Hospital Veterinary Services and care

Routine and Elective surgical procedures

Our Surgical Services include routine surgeries like Neutering (male) and Spaying (female), as well as elective surgeries such as: rabbit castrations, feline declaw, hernia repair, laceration repair, foreign body removal, tumor biopsy or removal, feline urinary blockage, bite wound, abscess drain and flush, and ear hematoma.

Most pets are operated under anesthesia, constantly monitored during the operation and given pain relief medicine to promote a quick recovery.

At Marina Animal Hospital, every precaution is taken to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during any surgical procedure.

Depending on your companions needs, sometimes we may even refer you to other specialists that may have some competence better suited to your needs. We always put you and your pet first!

We also offer Laser Surgery for certain surgical procedures as it reduces pain and bleeding leading to faster recovery time.

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Marina Animal Hospital Veterinary Services and care

Laser Surgery

At Marina Animal Hospital we routinely perform Laser Surgeries. The CO2 Laser is becoming widely accepted as a valuable tool in veterinary surgery. The numerous benefits of carbon dioxide laser have been well documented in human as well as veterinary procedures.
Besides being a more precise instrument, the laser will work at the molecular scale and directly dissociate the protein and fat molecules that compose the tissues.

Laser Surgery will decrease bleeding and result in minimal swelling and therefore it can minimize pain and lead to faster recovery.

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